colourful abstracts, a bit of therapy and some animals.

I enjoy playing with marks and colour. To give myself structure I often have a theme, such as spots and stripes . These abstract paintings were done between 2005 and 2016.

Spots and Stripes 1 and 2 {below}

The tingles and things of m.s.

When I trained to be a teacher I also trained as an art therapist. When I developed  Multiple Sclerosis I became my own art therapist! I did the following set of drawings between 1996 and 2000. Temporary  loss of sight and  limb function, numbness, tingling, loss of taste…..Interesting to try and represent these experiences in drawings. Better than howling!

‘In the bleak mid-winter’….I spotted these plants with new growth. Signs of hope!

In 2012 I did a book of invented invertebrates called ‘Spineless Wonders’. I then sold the booklet to raise money for a charity called ‘Buglife’. The invertebrates illustrated below comes from this booklet. Some of the other animals were done in response to poems. Some were observational studies.