Insects, wonky pots and 4 dancing geraniums

Imagined insects made in ceramic.

My body can often feel wonky as I have M.S. These pots are a bit of a metaphor! The vessels were made between2012 and 2017.

I like the still solidity of pot forms. But sometimes it’s good to just draw pots as I can animate the paper surface with a variety of marks. There is also an immediacy to drawing , [compared with making pots]. This group of drawings was made in 2015.

When I’m recovering from an m.s. relapse I often need to retrain my body. I found these geranium plants one autumn in my garden. I enjoyed drawing their wayward natures and it was good practice for my right hand, which had recently been paralysed during a relapse. I used pen and ink for these studies. I drew them in 2005.